How to Use ERP for IT Services

ERP for IT services helps you manage multiple departments and teams within a single dashboard, so you can maintain a unified vision of business operations.

Leveraging Your ERP for IT Services and Solutions

Before leveraging an ERP solution, you must first invest in one. And before investing in one, you need to know what it is. Simply put, a cloud ERP solution facilitates the seamless flow of information throughout an organization by integrating departments, processes, and people on a centralized platform. As a comprehensive business management system, it provides accounting, finance, inventory, CRM, sales (and more) functionalities and the ability to connect with third-party solutions. All companies in any industry can use ERP solutions, and all their teams, including IT, will benefit. ERP for IT services helps IT teams protect businesses and alleviate pain points.


Fitting ERP to Your IT Needs

IT team members are often unsung heroes. They implement, facilitate, and maintain companies’ IT systems and networks, making sure that everything runs smoothly. Even so, problems arise. IT pain points can include (but are not limited to) facing system failures, communication breakdowns, and cybersecurity issues, (re)defining remote working capabilities, and managing multiple tools, platforms, and subscriptions from many different vendors.

Whether it is a team of one or of many, the IT department must be able to resolve these pain points, and an IT ERP solution is a trustworthy remedy.


How ERP Helps

A cloud-based ERP solution, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, provides IT departments with a business system that requires no hardware and is cohesive and connected. Instead of using multiple systems and platforms, the ERP software brings everything together under a single pane of glass. This gives IT experts a bird’s-eye view of their businesses’ entire operations from one dashboard.

In addition to their built-in mobility, most cloud-based ERP systems are easy to configure and customize. This means the IT department, when tasked with large requests or last-minute demands, can meet the challenge without taking time away from other, more strategic endeavors.


Bringing the Power of the Cloud to ERP

Cloud-based ERP solutions also offer other, powerful benefits. Acumatica’s 2021 Customer of the Year, Industrial Specialty Services (ISS), is an excellent example of a company that has experienced these benefits firsthand.

ISS, which provides integrated mechanical services and solutions to the refining, petrochemical, gas, power, pulp & paper, offshore and subsea markets, chose Acumatica as its cloud ERP solution and implemented the system within six months while facing a number of challenges, including the pandemic and three hurricanes.


How Acumatica Can Help

As ISS’s story indicates, Acumatica Cloud ERP is well equipped to help your IT department leverage its ERP platform to navigate and manage challenges and pain points. ERP for IT services, or IT ERP, is a critical tool for succeeding in today’s digital economy.

It’s also critical that, before choosing and implementing your cloud ERP solution, you get IT buy-in. IT experts have knowledge and insights about what your business needs and can offer advice as to which cloud ERP solution is best.


Taken from: How to Use ERP for IT Services – Acumatica Cloud ERP

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